Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the greatest composers of all time. His music has a natural flow and irresistible charm, and can express humor, joy or sorrow with both conviction and mastery...

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

K 45a Symphony No 7a in G Major Lambacher,

The Symphony in G major "Old Lambach", K. Anh. 221/45a, was probably written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart during 1766 in The Hague and revised in 1767. Both versions – the original and the revision – have survived. The Mozart family began their journey between Salzburg and Vienna in January 1769, stopping over at the Lambach Abbey in Upper Austria, among other places. As was customary for Bavarian and Austrian monasteries, the Lambach Abbey offered rooms and meals for travellers and maintained a small chapel for both the liturgy and entertainment. This stopover is not mentioned in the correspondence of the Mozart family and is only known through the two manuscripts in the monastery. The symphony is scored for two oboes, two horns and strings. In contemporary orchestras, it was also usual to include bassoons and harpsichord if they were available in the orchestra to reinforce the bass line and act as the continuo. The duration is approximately 14 minutes.


VIDEO: Symphony in G major ''Neue Lambacher'' K.45 deest (K. Anh. 221)

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